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ADS Australian Open DanceSport Championship 2022

Jack Johnson & Joanne de Jager

In 2009 Jack & Joanne began their partnership, a partnership continues on today. Jack and Joanne take their dancing across the world; competing and training with the best that the globe has to offer.

Turning professional in 2017, they now takes great pleasure in their work as dancing coaches as well as more recently, adjudicators, in addition to competing and demonstrating.

Jack & Joanne are also the organisers of the Perth Ballroom Challenge, a Ballroom Dancing competition and are extremely excited to welcome competitors to our event; organised by dancers, for dancers.

Highlights of Jack & Joanne’s competition career include:

Australian World Youth Representative
Australian World Professional Representative
Australian Open Professional Finalist
Singapore Open Professional Finalist
Indonesian Open Professional Finalist
Australian National Championships Professional Finalist
WDC AL Luna Park Professional Champion
3x Western Australian Professional Champion
3x Australian Amateur National Championships Finalist

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Jack, late to the party, started dancing at the ripe old age of 13.

He quickly became enthralled by the Ballroom world and much to the distress of his parents, told them that at age 13, having danced for six months in kids classes and completed two medals exams, that he was prepared to leave high school and pursue the life of a professional dancer.

Joanne de Jager

Joanne de Jager

A local gal’, born and bred in Perth; Joanne started competing in Ballroom competitions at age 10 and found great success early on, becoming an Australian Juvenile and Junior Champion.

Joanne was lucky enough to come from good Ballroom dancing stock, her Father previously worked as a Professional Ballroom Dancing teacher, and her parent’s previously owned and operated the Swan Ballroom in Midland – dancing is in her blood!