Jack and Joanne are available to officiate at Ballroom Dancing competitions as adjudicators, also sometimes known as judges.

Both are qualified as Championship Adjudicators in the Ballroom and Latin-American styles of dance with DanceSport Australia and the Australian Dancing Board.

They also hold international adjudicators licences in Ballroom and Latin-American with the World Dance Council (WDC).

Jack and Joanne are qualified at the competition level of adjudicating in New Vogue, a style of sequence Ballroom Dancing only danced in Australia and New Zealand, and will progress to the higher, Championship level in July 2021.

In addition to being qualified as a Ballroom Dancing Adjudicator Jack also holds qualifications as a Scruntineer, the official at dancing competitions charged with processing the marks of the adjudicators to produce the results.

Please contact us for more information about our availability to adjudicate or examine at an event.