Kids Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing is an excellent activity for children and young adults.

Whether only as a once a week social activity or as a more serious training regime geared towards success on the competition floor, Ballroom Dancing is a fantastic way for children to develop coordination, cognitive and social skills in a creative form.

Many parents also appreciate the emphasise that dance training places on discipline and perseverance, developing characteristic traits in children that will serve them well into the future.

Both Jack and Joanne hold current working with children checks with the West Australian Government, as well as being qualified Ballroom Dancing coaches with DanceSport Australia.

Although Jack and Joanne both love to work with children, Joanne has a particular affinity for this area. In a previous life Joanne worked as a Swimming Teacher, in both Australia and the UK, and has a wealth of experience communicating complex movements and techniques to children in both group and one-on-one environments.

Tuition in Ballroom Dancing is available to children in both classes and private lessons.

Jack and Joanne are available to teach Ballroom Dancing in schools, working with children to prepare them for school formals, balls and dances.

Please contact us for more information about Kids Ballroom Dancing classes and lessons.