Shows & Demonstrations

Jack & Joanne are in-demand performers of Latin American dancing. Be it a corporate function, gala ball, wedding reception or any celebration of a significant milestone Jack and Joanne are able to bring to the floor an entertaining and charismatic display of Latin-American dancing that will leave audiences wanting more.

They hope to demonstrate the the beauty, precision and charisma that can be developed through a lifetime’s dedication to Latin-American dancing.

A true cultural experience – Jack and Joanne’s show will transport you to the barrio of Cuba, the Bullring in Spain and the carnival in Rio as their movements bring to life the music of these iconic Latin-American settings from around the world.

For more information about a show by Jack and Joanne or to book us for your event please contact us.

Jack Johnson & Joanne de Jager | Billie Jean Cha Cha Show | Surabaya, Indonesia 2020